Mizuno produces some of the best products in running, golf, and other sports and boasts a passionate customer base. Their collection of websites, six sport sites and a corporate site, hadn’t been refreshed in years. In 2010, Modea went through a rearchitecturing, content strategy, and reskin process in order to match Mizuno’s digital presence more closely to their brand.

While some of the assets that existed on the site were going to be reused, the majority of the content of the new site was going to be created from scratch by Modea. To help us determine what we wanted the new site to be like, as well as to get a sense of the scope of what we’d be making, we went through a combination content strategy and wireframing process. We conducted competitive research, took inventory of existing content, and developed a strategy for creating new content. From there, I created wireframes that were aspirational to what we wanted the site to be. We used the wireframes to build a list of assets that needed to be created, and our production teams went off to organize photo shoots, video shoots, and to produce editorial content.

Once we had defined the new site architecture and what content we’d be creating, we transitioned into brand and visual design. I worked with a team of one other designer and an art director to design a system that would work across six sports, plus color systems and photography that would emphasize the uniqueness of each sport and its audience. The work ranged from interface design to composites and hero images for the sport homepages. The emphasis was on aspirational and emotive lifestyle photography, bold color palettes and typography, and educational product shots and content.

The Mizuno websites won a Silver District 3 ADDY Award for Consumer Website and a Gold Western Virginia ADDY Award for Consumer Website.


Information architecture, content strategy, user interface design, visual design, image editing and compositing



Years active

Summer 2010 until March 2011

Jessica Harllee is a staff product designer at Etsy in Brooklyn, an avid crafter, and an amateur writer.

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