Anyone who’s ever moved knows just how stressful, time-consuming, and expensive it can be. The moving industry is also one of slowest-to-change industries and, for the most part, still runs off pen and paper. Moveline is a startup that grew out an idea from Lawrence Transportation Company in Roanoke, Virginia, to simplify the process for household moves. LTC hired Modea to help develop their idea into a web application, business, and brand. In 2012, Moveline broke off into its own company and went through the TechStars incubator in New York City, eventually raising over $1.5 million in investments.

The scope of the company has shifted over time, from a way for carriers to connect with one another to share shipments, to a way for consumers to learn about the best way for them to move, to a technology-focused moving tool of its own.

I was the lead product designer on Moveline during my time at Modea. I worked hand-in-hand with web application developers, strategists, and representatives from the moving company to define and design the scope of what Moveline would be. We turned numerous white board sessions into wireframes and working prototypes that were tested on actual moves in the southwest Virginia area.

In addition to making product decisions, I designed the Moveline logo, developed the brand and identity with a small design team, and designed the UI of the initial versions of the product.

At the heart of Moveline was an elaborate and incredibly accurate home inventory system which allowed for customers to inventory their homes, specify whether items required special packing needs, and to calculate the cost of moving these items. After completing your inventory, you could choose between different types of insurance, add additional services such as storage space rental, and even get feedback on ways to save money. Finally, after completing your inventory, Moveline provided feedback on which form of moving (professional movers, container, or truck rental) was best for you.

Moveline won a Gold Western Virginia ADDY in 2012 for logo design. Moveline was a part of the Summer 2012 class at TechStars NYC.


Information architecture, user interface design, visual design, logo design



Years active

Summer 2009 until October 2011

Jessica Harllee is a staff product designer at Etsy in Brooklyn, an avid crafter, and an amateur writer.

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