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Website archive

I published past layouts for my personal site dating back to 2002.
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Post on Code as Craft

Today we launched a huge redesign of Etsy’s seller tools that was the culmination of over a year’s worth of work (more on this later). I contributed to...
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What blameless really means

On blamelessness and applying it to yourself, too.
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Building Erin Nolan's website

For the past three weeks, I’ve worked with my best friend and fellow designer Erin Nolan on rebuilding her website to be fresh, flexible, and easily updatable. Her...
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Interview with Badass Lady Creatives

I spoke with Melanie Richards from Badass Lady Creatives in an interview published on Design Work Life.
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A redesign with Siteleaf

The last time I redid my website was almost exactly two years ago. I was ready to leave my job and needed a refreshed portfolio. (Side note: why...
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