Jessica Harllee is a staff product designer who designs and builds tools for small, creative businesses, currently at Shopify.

I've worked at two-sided marketplaces, including Faire, Etsy, and Kickstarter, worked in-house at a D2C brand, and sold embroidered wall hangings through my Etsy shop. Occasionally, I write and speak about product design and being on the IC track.

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I'm a generalist who loves every part of the process, from doing research and defining the problem all the way to writing reusable CSS and pushing code. My work has included complex tooling, addressing longstanding debt, optimizing conversion funnels, and design systems creation and adoption.

Learn more about my work and process through the case studies below.



Customer segmentation refresh

A series of projects to improve Faire’s CRM tools through simplification and new features.



Primary website rebrand

A full website rebrand of Primary, including a new, accessible design system.

Primary swatch builder

A visual interface for creating and managing color swatches.

Color filtering on Primary

Rethink filtering on Primary to accommodate dozens of unique clothing colors.



Structured data on Etsy

Collecting category-specific information from sellers to power search filters.

Inventory management

Give Etsy sellers the tools they need to accurately and easily manage their inventory.

Web toolkit

The creation and maintenance of Etsy's first design system.

Listings Manager redesign

A redesign and rewrite of the core of Etsy's seller tools.

Case studies have been simplified and edited for public viewing.


Occasionally, I write when the mood strikes, especially about personal and professional challenges that I've faced.

Try everything

A design problem that I initially didn’t think was solvable until I actually tried to solve it.
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Good challenges vs. bad challenges (Etsy last lecture)

My Last Lecture at Etsy where I reflect on different challenges I encountered, and determining whether they were the “good” or “bad” kind of challenging.
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On crying at work, and that time it got to be too much to handle.
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